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In a groundbreaking move, the World Health Organization (WHO) is sounding the alarm on the world’s two notorious villains: alcohol and sugary drinks. The prescription? Hit them where it hurts—wallets! The WHO is fervently urging nations to crank up the taxes on these guilty pleasures, declaring it the ultimate remedy to combat a staggering 2.6 million alcohol-related deaths and a jaw-dropping 8 million casualties from unhealthy diets each year.

In a no-nonsense statement released this Tuesday, the WHO dropped a bombshell, revealing that most countries are shamefully slacking off using taxation as a superhero cape to save public health. The battle plan? Pump up those excise taxes to curb these health offenders’ consumption and inject some serious cash into the global health war chest.

But wait, there’s more! The WHO is pitching this as a financial lifeline and a game-changer in promoting healthier lifestyles. Higher taxes, they argue, could kickstart a health revolution, pushing for the creation of tastier, better alternatives while simultaneously giving a knockout punch to injuries and diseases like cancer and heart problems.

Adding spice to the mix, the WHO disclosed a jaw-dropping stat: your favorite drinks are getting more affordable globally. In a 2017 study bombshell, the WHO spilled the beans that jacking up alcohol prices by a whopping 50% could be the superhero move we all need, preventing over 21 million deaths and making it rain with a mind-boggling $17 trillion over 50 glorious years.

In the midst of a global health showdown, the WHO isn’t just calling for taxes; it’s unleashing a battle cry to revolutionize our approach to health, one taxed sip and bite at a time. Stay tuned as the world decides whether to toast to healthier habits or risk the consequences of a cheaper, unhealthier path!

Source ( Accounting Today News).