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In a groundbreaking move, tax professionals who missed the 2023 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums last summer can now catch up on vital information and earn continuing education credits. The IRS Nationwide Tax Forums Online has launched, offering access to 18 of the most popular seminars presented at the event.

Seminar Highlights:

  1. Insights into Taxpayer Experience: Explore the IRS Independent Office of Appeals.
  2. Exclusive Keynote Address: Delivered by IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel.
  3. Strategic Operating Plan Unveiled: Gain valuable insights into IRS strategies and implementations.
  4. Navigating Foreign Withholding: Stay updated on recent foreign withholding and information reporting developments.
  5. Understanding Foreign Gift and Trust Reporting: Dive into Forms 3520 and 3520-A requirements.
  6. Mastering New Reporting Forms: Learn about Schedules K-2, K-3, and Form 1116, which are vital for tax professionals.
  7. Ethics in Tax Practice: Delve into Circular 230 and ethical considerations for tax practitioners.
  8. Addressing Tax Professional Problems: Explore various challenges tax professionals face.
  9. Identity Verification: Understand essential procedures for tax professional identity verification.
  10. Digital Assets and Taxable Transactions: Navigate the complexities of taxable transactions involving digital assets.
  11. Combatting Abusive Tax Avoidance Transactions: Stay informed about strategies against abusive tax avoidance.
  12. Changes in 1099-K Reporting: Get updated on recent modifications to 1099-K reporting requirements.
  13. Information Returns Intake System: Learn crucial details about the Information Returns Intake System.
  14. Retirement Plan Distributions: Understand post-SECURE Act implications on retirement plan distributions.
  15. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Services: Get insights into becoming an acceptance agent and assisting with ITIN services.
  16. Tax Law Changes for 2023: Stay ahead with the latest updates in tax legislation.
  17. Identity Protection Measures: Explore essential methods for protecting taxpayer identities.
  18. Mastering Refundable Tax Credits: Navigate the rules governing refundable tax credits seamlessly.

Continuing Education Opportunities:

The Nationwide Tax Forums Online is registered with the IRS Return Preparer Office and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy as a qualified continuing education sponsor. Tax professionals, including CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and Annual Filing Season Program participants, can earn continuing education credits for a fee of $29 per seminar. To earn credits, users must create an account, engage in interactive review questions during the workshop, and pass short tests at the end of each session.

Free Access Option:

While the seminars are available for review free of charge, individuals opting for the free option will not have access to review questions or final examinations. They will not receive credits for the seminar.

In addition to the newly added seminars, the Nationwide Tax Forums Online provides access to a wealth of workshops from previous IRS Nationwide Tax Forums. For more details and to access these invaluable resources, visit Stay ahead in the ever-evolving tax landscape with these comprehensive online resources.

Source (IRS News).